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Author:   Engineer. Vu Thu Cuong  (graduated from Da Nang Polytechnic University in 1994, Faculty of Civil and Industrial Construction) -  Director of  Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co. , Ltd and Director of Beautiful Villa Designing Co., Ltd.

      The work of engineer Vu Thu Cuong:

     1994: Engineer of construction of Indonesia UIC Chemical Factory in Go Dau Industrial Zone - Long Thanh - Dong Nai.

     1995: Worked for Transfield Construction Company (Australia): Construction Engineer of SaigonTower Building, 29 Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.This project uses the first post tension cable in Vietnam.

     1996: Working for Thiess Construction Company (Australia): Construction Engineer of Heineken Brewery - Tiger, Le Van Khuong Street, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City. Compilation of cost estimate of 5-star hotel in Furama - Da Nang (Result: winning bid).

     1997 to present:  Director Company Limited Trading Construction  Quoc Cuong, Director of Design & Construction Ltd. beautiful villa .

    Typical brand, product and service APEC 2017.

     Typical Entrepreneur of APEC 2017.

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*** Rationale :

      Building a house is one of the big three stories of life, the big story is difficult ... It is more difficult nowadays the house is not simply a place to stay ... but higher, it also needs to reach All four factors are in place: usability, aesthetics, economy and sustainability. Construction of buildings (townhouses, villas, hotels, offices, workshops, etc.) is difficult for those with specialized skills. As a Civil Engineer with many years of experience, I hope to contribute a small part to help ease those difficulties for you.

*** Problem solving :

       For your easy-to-follow and systematic, I would like to list the work in ten steps:

Step 1: Buy land for construction 
Step 2: Prepare legal procedures 
Step 3: Select a construction design consultant 
Step 4: Complete the construction profile and select the construction contractor 
Step 5: continue to worship prepared to start 
Step 6: preparing the ground, foundation 
Step 7: Build frame house 
Step 8: Phase complete 
Step 9: production and installation of interior 
Step 10: use and Maintenance issues during use.

Step 1: Buy land for construction

 For a plot of land to build beautiful villas or beautiful houses, you should note the following:

- This is an important step, especially for an oriental country that is influenced by our nation's culture through thousands of years of history, the cradle of feng shui. A nice land, in the right direction, is very effective in improving living values, increasing life expectancy.

- In feng shui, people think "Trach destined to coordinate". Trach here is the land, the par is the people, the parcel par matched means that land and people must harmonize with each other, not conflict. There are two types of blades are Eastern blades and Western blades. He is also composed of two groups: Dong Quoc and Tay Quoc. The feng shui concept is that the East Citizens are suitable in the Dong Quach area and vice versa, the Western Quartet is suitable in the West blame. The destiny of the people depends on the age, the soil of the earth depends on the direction. Feng shui helps to create vitality in the home, office, hotel, restaurant ... and feng shui help us prevent evil. Life creates all good things, luck, success and happiness. Emptiness causes unhappiness, risk, failure and suffering.

- In feng shui, people are also important about the earth. The land must be located in a beautiful, flat, left side is the dragon, the white is tiger, the back must be "painted", the right face "water direction". The land must be hatched (the width of the land behind is bigger than the front). In front of the face there should be electric poles, trees, buildings are not good (because of limited living gas in the house) or the road to the land is not good (because the traffic is very good The drivers who fall asleep or lose the car will go straight to the house, very dangerous). When you go to buy land or house, you should look carefully at the space and choose a good location. If you choose the wrong place with strong sound will affect the life of the customer ... These rules are true. quite rich, It is necessary to have a specialist visit and specific instructions can be selected precisely. Quoc Cuong Trading Construction Company will advise you on these issues. 

- In addition to the feng shui element, the purchase of land also needs to consider many factors: the land should be in the area of high intellectual, full power and water, spacious roads, cars can enter, ... And the most important factor is the price of land must be reasonable.

- Another factor that is equally important is legal factors. Care must be taken not to buy land in the area of clearance planning. It is best to buy land that has a legal red book (land use right certificate) to avoid disputes, and it is easier to release compensation if it happens. When buying land, care should be taken in matters relating to land purchase contracts: contracts must be signed by both husband and wife (seller) to avoid property disputes later, the contract must have Notarized by the Notary Public, ...

- Another problem is that the land is located on ponds and lakes, weak soil geology. When buying land, landlords often do not pay close attention to this issue. The weak soil geology leads to very expensive overhead costs. The cost of piling reinforced concrete (which is the most common method of reinforcement today) usually ranges from VND 60,000,000 to VND 500,000,000, some of which are costly.

 - You should buy square or rectangular land to build a villa or build a house. Do not buy triangular soils, because triangular soils have poorly used area, not nice and poor feng shui.

- The soil must be clean: If the ground that was formerly a lake or a small river, after the construction, the underground air to fly a lot. If the building on the ground that formerly church, hospital, temples, graveyards ... will make people in that mood, anxiety, insecurity

- You special note the following: Currently there are many projects to sell land plots of land, townhouse land in which the project owners forced customers (buyers to buy land). Sign the design contract and construction contract with the design and construction company designated by the project owner.Project owner and design + construction company. Therefore, when signing design contracts and construction contracts, customers must lose 10% - 15% of the value of the works for such missions (this is a negative and exclusive way of doing business) and bad It is worse than the main contractor who sells the subcontractor and blocks 10% - 15% of the contract value resulting in poor quality and unsatisfactory progress. 20% - 30% of the value of the project.

        To avoid the above harmful to the customer. QUOC CUONG CONSTRUCTION TRADING CO., LTD would like to advise you when buying ground land to ask the project owner to clearly state in contract terms that the buyer has the right to choose the company that he trusts to design. , the construction of his house is more perfect quality, reasonable price. In cases where customers choose external contractors, the project owners shall have to sign a pledge of utmost unreasonable and unfavorable money for the construction thereof in order to cause many difficulties for customers not to build public works. submit . The following is a commitment by the project owner - Housing Joint Stock Company .............. at the project in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City and forced customers to buy land in advance. during construction. This project is in District 9. HCMC. The project owner also challenges this client (Ms. Nguyen Thi Cuc - who is working at the United Nations Migration Organization - Tel: 0908351904) to sue her if she does not call the project owner's contractor should sell the land. Quoc Cuong Construction Company Limited has designed the entire architecture, structure, electricity and water and has accurately estimated the volume of works Cuc, in which the volume of iron construction is 11 tons. The owner of this project put their subsidiary iron construction up to 15 tons (ie, the iron mass was lifted to 4 tons (each worker + material costs about 25 million VND, equivalent to 100 million VND). shortening)). The volumes and unit prices of other materials were also lifted. All the cost estimates they lifted to 250 million is too much compared to a house 6m x 17m x 3.5, Not to mention the subsidiaries of this project owner are not stable, generally they are very weak. Listen to her Cuc - the owner said their company only 1 - 2 employees go through the journey is too insecure. They are weak, but the price is higher than Quoc Cuong 250 million. In addition, the project owner also told her that his home equity company ...... is owed 500 billion bank. If Cuc works for his company to build, then lose 250 million VND and maybe Cuc does not have a house, because they can get her money to repay debt to the bank (500 billion) in debt ). In addition, the project owner forced the outside contractor to deposit 200 million VND for them before construction. This is unreasonable, not unlike the ban on the outside of the contractor and the project owner becomes the exclusive building of the land in this area.

       The following is a completely irrelevant contract that the project owner has to sign before the construction, if the contractor chooses (Quoc Cuong Limited Company).



Independence - Freedom - Happiness

---- o0o ----


(Ref: Designation of home construction contractor)



My name is ...... Date of birth: ..........

Permanent address: ………

ID card: .......... Date Range: ……. Issued by: …… 

I am on behalf of the investment cooperation contract number: ... .. day ... capital contribution to buy the foundation .... At the project ...... in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City by the Joint Stock Company ............. is the investor.

Now I continue to capitalize on the construction of the house and I choose to choose ...... as a home construction contractor for me.

I pledge:

1. The contractor appointed by me is .......... Eligible for construction in accordance with the regulations of the State.

2. Responsible for all costs incurred by the contractor appointed by me.

If the contractor appointed by me does not comply with the commitment in the construction contract as follows:

+ Not to issue legal and valid invoices, follow the market price for the Corporation House ..................

+ Refusal to pay construction deposit

+ Not to overcome the incidents caused damage to the investor by damaging the surrounding works such as electricity, water, telephone, bridges, flowers, architectural objects, ... caused by the construction process. out.

+ Other incidents related to the contractor I have caused damage to the investor.

3. To take responsibility for the construction of houses in strict accordance with plannings and technical designs according to the technical design dossiers already approved by investors and state agencies.

4. Being responsible for requesting the construction unit to complete the construction completion dossier.

5. Be responsible for contacting the construction contractor to rectify, repair if any damage occurs within the warranty period of the house.

6. I agree to pay the cost of managing and supervising the construction of the house is 10,000,000 VND  (Ten million)  for the Corporation House ...............

7. I hereby agree to give the Shareholding Company ................ to postpone the time for the ownership of the Pink Book (Certificate of Right of Land Use Rights owning a house and other assets attached to land, until the tax department of Ho Chi Minh City has checked and finalized the tax and accepted the VAT invoice that my contractor has issued to your company.



If there are any illegal or valid invoices, I am completely responsible to the law and pay all damages caused to your company. I pledge to pay on time when your company requests. If I do not comply with the commitment, your company is entitled to the right to use the land to recover the damage caused to your company.

                                                   May 2012

                                                             The establishment


 Commitment mentioned above will be very disadvantage for customers. You have been pressed by the project owner. It is therefore essential that the project owner abandon the above unreasonable commitments (indefinitely) before you deposit money to buy land. If you want to know the land, please call Cuc Tel: 0908351904.

 Customers who buy large land for projects such as hotels, schools, etc., should ask the following questions and ask the project owner to reply in writing before buying land: Density the number of floors, the height of each floor, the backward distance from the land boundary of the four sides of the project, the balcony of each building. Balconies take into account the building density does not. Which agencies are licensed construction. Time of construction license. In large projects, the design inspector shall, during project appraisal, have to warn that the project owners are not allowed to eat the money for the construction work. The more negativity in the above work, the construction product of you the less quality, more expensive team. Often project owners sell the land or put a lot of mystery so you have to let them design, permission to build and contract construction. This you must warn them before buying the land as possible. They are talented to make good products do not have, but the block is much.

Step 2: Prepare legal procedures

- To be allowed to build, the following conditions must be met: the land must be issued with a land use right certificate (red book), and a construction permit.

- A certificate of land use right is a certificate issued by a competent state agency to a land user to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the land user.

- The administrative and legal procedures for implementing the construction are actually quite complex. The landlord can use a dedicated unit to reduce the waiting time.

- In fact, the application for a construction permit should have a set of design dossiers applying for construction permits of a unit with legal person status and a certificate of design consultancy practice. Homeowners can not prepare the kit themselves, but must have a legal construction consultant prepared for them. See also step 3 below.

- For construction of over 3 floors and construction area of more than 300m2, the geological survey works before the construction with the purpose of collecting documents on the soil layers, structural features for mechanical Composition of foundation to suit and selection of construction methods. The geological survey is carried out through exploration drilling. Specialists will use drill drilling deep into the ground, about 18-30m, some places near the river, the ground is very weak so can drill to 60m deep or deeper, then carry the ball It is necessary to create a test sample, compress the test, ... and then set up a profile of the current land survey. This profile is an important basis for the construction consultants to calculate accurately for the foundation and structural frame of the house.

Step 3: Select a construction design consultant

- Without a construction consultant, the homeowner can still build a home. Even the preparation of the application for a construction permit in step 2 can also be hired by a consultant. However, the role of a consultant for a building is more than that.

- Hire a consultant to design a villa or a nice house (provided that the good design consultant has years of experience in the office, especially outside the field experience) for his / her house. What is home? First of all, they will have a structured, coherent structure that is consistent with the functions and requirements of all family members. The space will make the most of the area for living, transportation, transportation, have the wells, the floor to get light and ventilation for the area, not light. The space will create spacious spaces, square, turn the convex uvular, ugly wall, columns into the wall space to wardrobe, wardrobe, cabinet decoratively reasonable. The plot is interwoven into the green spaces of the ornamental plants,

- Hire a consultant to design a villa or a nice house (provided that the good design consultant has years of experience in the office, especially outside the field experience) for his / her house. What is home? They also have a beautiful appearance outside the house, suitable for personal preferences and requirements, suitable for the surrounding urban environment, suitable for the technology of construction and building materials. The most advanced, affirm the style of the owner.

- Hire a consultant to design a villa or a nice house (provided that the good design consultant has years of experience in the office, especially outside the field experience) for his / her house. What is home? Since the house has not been formed, they have been able to see intuitively, feel the space of the house to make appropriate adjustments, avoid errors and discomfort when the house was actually built. make it, and it is very difficult to change these inappropriate points. The owner can know and estimate the cost of the whole house, from the overall to the small details, to adjust the types of materials to suit, avoid the overhead costs too much. construction process, ensure the schedule.

In addition, to some of the consulting units that have feng shui research, the host also calculates the space, layout of the main door, stairs, kitchen position, direction kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and Furnishings suitable with feng shui, so that when in the home feel comfortable, comfortable, good luck business, is the leverage for career and health. Designing houses, offices, hotels, manufacturing workshops, commercial centers ... need to attract gas to the house. Enlightenment can be like the radio station, like the bright, neat, neat, clean, green grass, like the fragrant smell, mellow sound, cheerful ... and vice versa The gas is afraid of the dark, cluttered, dirty. The gas does not like the fading, barren, devastated .... Gas into many works and stored is very good for you.

When planning to build a home, the homeowner should provide the designer with summary information about the family, the plot, and the preferences of family members such as the need to build several floors, car garage or not, living room area how much, use the dining room with the kitchen space and not need the minimum layout for how many people, need some bedroom, do more children room , bedrooms with separate toilette or common ... The more detailed the list, the more the designer has the basis to imagine the living conditions of the host to lead to solution design in line well suited.

- On the interior design of the house (including the decorative design of the ceiling, walls, floor, light design, design and style furniture ...) This, but if you start the early design can help the house more complete. Because if after the construction of the raw house began to design furniture, interior experts say that it is necessary to break the wall, build another wall array, ... then the cost to change will. Expensive and time consuming construction.

 Nowadays, there are many design companies that after contracting with their customers, they do not directly design (sell design contractor) for another small design group (called B commode), they keep 40% to 60% of the contract value. So the receiver (B comm.) Is only 40% - 60% of the contract value and B is usually the new graduates, engineers graduated (not experienced), even the students are. learn the implementation. So poor design quality, many shortcomings, not practical and when brought to the construction will not be more reasonable and the dam to fix it is of course. When this happens, you are the most disadvantaged: poor aesthetics, poor quality, extended construction time and costs increase, the use of poor. When selling design bidders, the B side receives small fees plus weak capacity,

 - Price reasonable design for the works (Villa, Hotel, House, Restaurant, Office, Factory ...) invite you to see the construction design price. Designers with low quotes often have weak capacity, so the quality of the design file is poor and when the construction investors have to dismantle and repair several times and this makes the cost of construction will be higher than the difference in cost of design, quality is poor. In addition, the design contractors get a low price, they design it really waste (30 tons of iron, for example, they add 9 tons more to the responsibility, so the price of the iron component of the building. It costs about VND180 million, similar to the concrete they are wasting, which causes huge damage to the owner. The design cost for the project is not large,

*** A perfect design requires the following elements:

       * Designing company:  Direct design (not design contractor), architect and construction engineer must have many years of design experience in the office and many years outside construction, religious Good career.  

       *  Architecture: Beautiful exterior design, especially the facade should be beautiful and suitable for the surrounding landscape, the layout of the floor is reasonable, ventilation, natural light is thoroughly exploited, bring the light itself All rooms are non-smoking. Need to create a natural well for natural air.Limit the use of air conditioning to prevent sinusitis, cold ... and also limit the use of fans, because using more fans will cause dehydration, dry skin. Ceilings and walls should be designed in detail to create decorative panels, while filling the concrete columns protruding from the walls, in the ceiling should show some decorative lights, colors walls, ceilings, slightly kitchen. Besides beautiful elements, airy, reasonable function we need attention to feng shui: Kitchen direction, kitchen position, stairs, The number of stairs per floor is in the Birth (4N + 1) or Aging (4N + 2) where N belongs to the set of natural numbers. If the house has multiple floors, bed should not be placed on the stove. cook) should not be "lying on fire". Bathrooms and WC are not located above the kitchen. Doors are very important to create a living environment. The size of the main entrance to the house and the doors of the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, worship room, living room need to take the hole with the ban good supply (finance, fortune, , science, joy, sand, son ...); Separate the door to the toilet must take a hole with a bad bow to limit the gas to the area is not clean. In the mathematical proposition, the wrong thing goes wrong. (The unclean sanitary area of size with the bad supply of the entrance to the toilet will not give birth to air here, so vitality comes to where we are. need). Choosing the size of the door so the life will go to places such as church, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, stairs ... so designers need to know Feng Shui works. will be a lot better. In addition, if you live generously, compassion along with the right design feng shui will make your career grow fast, sustainable, happy family, good health ... So designers need to know feng shui, the works will be much better. In addition, if you live generously, compassion along with the right design feng shui will make your career grow fast, sustainable, happy family, good health ... So designers need to know feng shui, the works will be much better. In addition, if you live generously, compassion along with the right design feng shui will make your career grow fast, sustainable, happy family, good health ...

       *  Structural section: Prior to design engineers must know the geology of the site to be designed to design the nails accordingly. (If you do not know geologically can lead to nail is not guaranteed strength or can lead to waste. big for the investor). It is necessary to ensure firmly the whole work including foundation, beam, pole, beams, floor, bracing, wall, ... There are some weak structural engineers, not knowledgeable about architecture should arrange momentum, column Overhanging from the wall is so much cramped inside the house, losing space, encroaching space, losing aesthetics. Therefore, the structural design required to ensure good bearing force while ensuring aesthetics. At present there are many experienced and weak structural engineers, so instead of designing from foundation to roof for example 20 tons of iron is to ensure safety and good bearing. These engineers lacked responsibility and lack of confidence, so they added another 7 tons of iron for peace of mind (a total of 27 tons of iron). This caused the phenomenon "crispy crunch" texture and huge waste to the owner. Structural design is very important to ensure the strength, but must be reasonable. This is only good engineers, experienced, conscientious and responsible to implement.

       *  Electrical system:  It is necessary to design the pipes and electrical cables of good quality, note how many rooms are in each room, how many lamps, air conditioners, ... Overload. The main line from the clock must be a large cross section. Should design with grounding wires, it is recommended to design shock-resistant circuit breakers for each floor. It is also a good idea to design a backup generator and line. In addition, some high-end projects also designed additional electrical control and induction system for all locations in the works.

       *  Plastic drainage pipe system:  It is necessary to design good pipes (longevity). At present, there are a number of sewer design companies located in the columns. This is a very serious fault, because the plastic pipes in the column will reduce the column strength of the concrete to reduce the strength, not to mention the water in the process of cracking can be water permeability. This leads to the iron column, dangerous for the work. After the use time, the water pipe will be aging and the water to the column to cause damage to the building. The plastic pipes draining water to the manholes need a rabbit to keep the water, so as not to foul odors from the sewer into the house.

        The living person needs a clear mind, a clear mind. Nice villa or nice house too. When designing the drainage section, it is absolutely imperative not to place the septic tank in the center of the house (because if the septic tank is placed in the center of the house, it will destroy the fountain, feng shui is extremely bad).

       *  The telecommunications system:  cable television, ADSL or WiFi, telephone wire, CCTV, doorbell screen, ... should be clearly shown in the design.

       *  Lightning protection:  If your work is higher or equal to the work next to it, it is necessary to design lightning protection system, including lightning collecting needle (lightning collecting needle with 51m, 41m, 20m , 10m, ...), copper wires lead from lightning collecting needle down to the piles and going deep into the ground.

       * Fire protection and fire alarm if needed . This is usually used for hotels, restaurants, offices, factories, etc. In the case of villas or townhouses, if you have economic conditions, it is recommended to use fire alarms and fire extinguishers automatically. for man and goods.

         The design must have exit doors (very necessary in the event of an incident): On all floors (if the house has a balcony) must have a door to open the balcony (the door will exit good than many doors open). If the alley is less than 6m without a balcony, it can make an indented balcony (called a lot) and open the door to exit to escape. If you do not do the balcony, the window in the front of the floor is guarded iron frame and here the hinges are locking the security frame (in case of fire or explosion, unlock the protection frame to escape).

        In order to successfully complete the above design, the implementers must be well-qualified architects with many years of practical experience and well-trained construction engineers. field experience.

        Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co., Ltd, we have a well-trained architect and engineer who has over twenty years of experience, have experienced feng shui experts to design the best quality for your project. Please come to Quoc Cuong Company to receive the best service with the best quality.

Step 4: Completing the construction profile, selecting the construction contractor

- Completion of step 3, the owner has in hand the following components: a complete set of detailed construction techniques, a set of construction estimates, construction permits. This is the basis for this fourth step. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the above mentioned documents, the landlord can carry out the verification procedure and check the records at the specialized units.

- The next job is to choose a reasonable construction contractor. Reasonable means to be skilled, to do good quality, reasonable price, fast construction time, good occupational safety. It is not easy to choose a contractor, though the number of existing private housing contractors is very high. For most homeowners, the usual solution is to ask their acquaintances, asking them to refer to well-known contractors. This measure is quite safe, although not always successful. Of course, there are other ways to find a good contractor, depending on the understanding, relationship and the way each home owner works.

       A good contractor is a contractor: The contractor must have a university degree in construction (eg the Faculty of Construction _ Polytechnic University), with many years of practical experience outside the field, specialized in construction field, team Highly skilled commanders, highly skilled workers, highly skilled workers, complete construction equipment, direct construction (not delivered to subcontractors), reasonable price, labor safety , on schedule and especially minimally arising. The Board of Directors regularly checks the works, motivate staff and workers to work well, safe labor, ...

       The selected contractor must be a good contractor.

       Good contractor has a lot of experience and good capacity to give the owner a nice and durable home.

       At present, many construction companies only receive the completed works and then sell them to subcontractors (the main contractor retains 15% - 30% of the contract value, subcontractors only account for 70% - 85% of the contract value). This will make the construction of poor quality, slow progress and subcontractors will arise much to offset the difference that the main contractor has blocked. Even the main contractor of the subcontractor's subcontractor has no contractual conditions for work in progress. ... Many of the supervisors of the subcontractor tend to be subcontractors (usually 1% 2% of the value of the works) make the building worse, etc. There are some cases where the subcontractor still sells the work to another team, often called B "(B commencement). which falls into these cases is considered complete failure, bitter swallowing, ...

  For example, if the main contractor receives a project worth 10 billion VND. The main contractor that sells the contract is 15% or 1.5 billion. The remaining subcontractor is 10 billion - 1.5 billion = 8.5 billion (on paper, the reality does not come) and the subcontractor also wants to make a profit of 10% or 0.85 billion and subcontracted workers also rolled The supervisor oversees the main contractor 1% or 0.085 billion. So the value of the work is only 8.5 billion - 0.85 billion - 0.085 billion = 7.565 billion. Not to mention the subcontractor's withdrawal from the main contractor + accountant + cashier of the main contractor made it difficult and subcontractors lost another significant amount of money. From here the subcontractor seeks to reduce the quality of work to compensate for the lost money. In this case the owner certainly get poor quality work, fast deterioration, reduced life expectancy, ... 

Meanwhile, if you direct the contractor to directly execute (you should choose the contractor directly construction) with a profit of 10% equivalent to 1 billion. The value of the remaining works is 10 billion - 1 billion = 9 billion and this makes the works much better than the case of selling the contract (because of the value of the construction contract is only 7.565 billion maximum, of course works will be of poor quality. The subcontractor is difficult to get 8.5 billion VND from the main contractor. The main contractor and a number of key contractor staff or find this reason, reasons to deduct money and subcontracting. These are very damaging to the owner and difficult for the construction workers (sub contractors can not afford to pay workers timely ...) 

If the subcontractor (usually called B ') sells the contract to another contractor (usually called B "), the value of the project is only 6.3 billion VND. The quality is very poor, fast deterioration, life expectancy is only half and used for repair and repair, even dare not use ... The main contractor that sells subcontracting is often of poor quality. , delayed, not safe labor.

       The cost of construction depends on the capacity, prestige and responsibility of each contractor. The contractor has a high reputation, responsibility, good quality products, good aesthetics, reasonable price. Bidders who are weak, irresponsible, have no prestige will always receive lower prices and poor quality of work or incident. So the work quickly degraded, ...    

       Investors should not choose low-priced contractors (mostly contractors), because they will extract the workpiece, make poor quality works and draw up for profit. If they do not do this, they will work in moderation, extend the construction period and may abandon the work at any time. Some contractors bid low to lure customers, some customers see low prices and choose, so will be very harmful. Because when the bidder left the bargain they chose the poor quality material to compensate for the difference. For example: They choose fine sand, with impurities cheaper than clean sand with seeds up to 60% of cost. When buying sanitation equipment, the bidder will remove the exhaust valve and replace the exhaust valve (lower than 25%), remove the lid of the toilet instead of the cap (lower price of 20% - 25%), iron Doors made of iron thin, Wooden doors are of poor quality (cost is up to 30%) of water supply pipes used in combination (very fast aging, longevity), electrical appliances also use composite. Iron and steel are used in combination (cheaper than steel mill 12%), mixed with steel mill, .... These things do poor quality, fast deterioration. It is also very important that the contractor or the contract or the contract is unclear, many items that you do not belong to the profession is unknowable and to the public. You will find that the reality is lacking, unreasonable and require modification, the extra work will be right in the dark contractor's dark intent and must arise to the team price up or higher. The cost of the contractor is good. On the other hand, when you choose a cheap contractor, they do not have enough conditions to work on the safety of workers, the surrounding houses and people, and are likely to cause adverse consequences for the project and you are the first to suffer. When choosing the wrong contractors, you will see the shortage, affecting the work, life. Low cost contractors tend to suffer losses, so they find new build contracts at low prices (they only receive the lowest bid) and pay the new contract to compensate for the loss of previous projects. there. This is extremely dangerous, because the money for the second work offset the hole of the first work, similar to the third work to compensate for the second work and the next development is taking the second (N + 2) make up for the works (N + 1), stuff (N), ... By this time the hole is too much, they are out of control and run away, owe money to buy materials ... In this case you lose money without the works to use. Low price tenderers of course, they are weak in all aspects: weak expertise, lack of financial capacity, poor management. The suppliers of materials for these weak contractors are usually expensive, inadequate, and of poor quality (because they know the contractor is slow to pay, the ability to pay is not high enough, poor control, weak material management, material suppliers will overtake these weak contractors easily). This will result in large-scale construction in many aspects, leading to great harm to investor.

     Investors should choose good contractors, have many years of experience, professional, have good management ability, reasonable price and not sell the contract.

- After selecting the contractor, the landlord should transfer the technical design documents to the contractor so that they can understand the house, give suggestions on some unreasonable places (if any), create The conditions for the construction work are good.

- Based on the technical design specifications, the contractor will estimate and issue a detailed construction quotation for the landlord or the developer may also require the construction company to quote on the square meter These include the design drawings available and a complete range of materials for the project.

- After agreeing on the construction quotation, the landlord started to sign the construction contract with the contractor. After signing a contract with a good construction contractor, contractors should pay for the following items: Iron and steel, brick and mortar contracts, cement, doors, etc. So safe for work, not afraid of slipping.

- There are currently 03 forms of cooperation between the owner and the contractor. The first is a turnkey (turnkey) construction, which means that the homeowner transfers all responsibility for materials and construction work to the contractor, so that the contractor is made of AZ. This method is most interested contractors (because the contractor is active in its quality and materials to keep up with construction progress), also make the home owner effortless, not worry much about the work. his presentation. The second form is the homeowner's part of the supplies, the worker's contractor, and the rest of the material. The home appliance parts often include sanitary ware, kitchen equipment, ceramic tiles, water-based paints, mastic tiles, electrical appliances, etc. This option is chosen by many people. Homeowners can take the initiative in choosing the right equipment, Materials are the dominant factor, avoid the situation that the contractor does not buy, but the work and time to spend more. In the third form, the owner takes care of all the supplies, the team only deals with the workers. This form is usually used only when the owner has a lot of free time, and also has some experience in building materials selection. But if the landlord does not have the experience, the mis-buying of inexpensive materials, the amount of material being cheated by the material supplier can incur more costs than the cost of hiring a purchasing contractor. help. The form of contractor (third form) is only available to small contractors. This form is usually used only when the owner has a lot of free time, and also has some experience in building materials selection. But if the landlord does not have the experience, the mis-buying of inexpensive materials, the amount of material being cheated by the material supplier can incur more costs than the cost of hiring a purchasing contractor. help. The form of contractor (third form) is only available to small contractors. This form is usually used only when the owner has a lot of free time, and also has some experience in building materials selection. But if the landlord does not have the experience, the mis-buying of inexpensive materials, the amount of material being cheated by the material supplier can incur more costs than the cost of hiring a purchasing contractor. help. The form of contractor (third form) is only available to small contractors.

       Good and large contractors usually contract in the first or second form.

       If the developer chooses a good contractor, the contractor should provide the contractor with supplies, because the good contractor usually buys a large number of supplies for many projects. If sellers are cheaper than homeowners themselves and good contractors are regular customers of construction material suppliers, suppliers do not dare to buy goods in quality as well as quantity. Investors will buy the materials themselves will pay higher prices, easy to be cheat suppliers in terms of quantity and quality of materials.

- Procurement of materials can be done after step 6, but nowadays building materials prices fluctuate incessantly, the preparation to buy materials soon can avoid price escalation, avoid arising cost, and can be more active in organizing construction. So after signing a contract with a well-established contractor, contractors should buy the main materials such as iron and steel, brick, cement, door types. .... so safe for work, not afraid of slipping.

- For raw materials, the technical requirements are above all, so it is not necessary to choose materials that are both good quality and beautiful because it would be unnecessarily expensive. For example, building foundation is not necessary to choose type A brick, but choose brick type C because bricks are too old, partly covered with clay, good compression is suitable for the foundation of the house. lowland. As for finishing materials, besides looking at the quality, do not ignore its appearance as this finishing material will be the "face" of the home. Bricks, tiles and walls are of different types and designs.

- At the same time, the landlord needs to do some work for neighbors and residents in the area. Specifically, let's talk about, asking for permission to start the upcoming, thanks to them to help facilitate the construction process. At the same time, it is also a good idea to check the current status of houses in the surrounding area so that when building, if affecting their houses (structural cracking, sinking, etc.) The specific basis for negotiating compensation, also avoided the situation "muddy water stork" (buffalo lance usually buffalo), can degraded situation, damaged their home before the house was built, But I still have to take responsibility, ...

- There are many construction companies and contractors in the whole country. However, the number of experienced and conscientious construction companies is not good. Should we advise customers how to choose the following:

  The selected contractor must be a contractor who has been trained at the University of Construction (eg Polytechnic University - Faculty of Construction) ... and has worked for many years in the project, has built many works. So, they have drawn a lot of experience to do something to make the works are good (no subsidence, no cracks, no flooring, no walls, no electrical problems, no leaks drainage, ... beautiful for the house and suitable feng shui). Construction equipment must also be adequate and skilled workers. It is also very important that the contractor be conscientious with his profession and work. Direct construction, not to sell the contract. 

  You miss the contractor non-experience, irresponsible, no conscience, the works are not good, fast down. Money lost, disability brought.

  The quality of works depends on the quality of materials and especially the construction techniques. If the materials are good and the construction techniques are poor, the works are of poor quality. Only good contractors and many years of experience have good construction techniques, so the works are of good quality.

   Please note the following: With the same design drawings, the same type of materials used for the project, the contractor has good capacity, many years of experience will implement the works of better quality and Ensure the right progress of construction. Also with that design and the same material that the contractor lack of experience, have the ability to perform weak construction quality will be worse, long construction time, the level of safety is not guaranteed. The cost of the contractor has a lot of experience, good capacity may be slightly higher than the contractor's non-experience, weak capacity. In return, you choose the experienced contractor will have good products, longer life, no cost to repair and repair, ... Money must be repaired due to wrong choice of contractors will be higher The price difference and the product is also not sustainable ...

     Build a workshop or warehouse valued at 10 billion. Some contractors are willing to give up VND9 billion (ie less than VND1 billion). In return, these contractors will use structural steel. + STEEL TUBE is the old (purchased from the bankrupt factory (liquidation) at the price of 50% to 60% of the value of steel + rafter New STEEL + STEEL TUBE is the old one, the contractors are sharpening and oil painting, look like new (customers never detected). The contractor is in collusion with the owner's supervisor for fraudulent other structures such as 0x4 rock bottom down 300mm thick, they only pour 230mm thick concrete 200mm thick, they only poured 150mm. The owner cheated cheating cheat a lot, often to 30% of the value of the works. So the real value of the work when done only. 9 billion (70%) = 6.3 billion. The life expectancy of the workshop, warehouse will be much reduced (about 50%) and easy to cause incidents for people and machines during use. Therefore, Quoc Cuong Construction Company Limited wish you to be wise when choosing construction contractors (do not bar cheap but lose money).

        There are a number of investors when the construction of large and too busy to ask the consultant to choose the construction contractor and have a lot of negative as follows: the person who the investor consulted always have the company Their backyard, so when the investor put several contractors they themselves invited to participate in construction quotes. This adviser informs the backyard company of the price of some of the contractors that the owner invites themselves and the consultants find ways to make it difficult for other contractors to refuse to continue to participate and ultimately the company. Backyard of construction consultants. The backyard company is certainly not good and also has to spend the consultants 10% of the value of the building. During the construction process, they together with the back yard company to cut a lot of things, reducing the quality of work to compensate for their (consultant) block catering company backyard 10%. The temple closes his mouth. Poor backyard contractors, the consultants of the owner never talked to them. Therefore, Quoc Cuong Construction Company Limited recommends that you choose the construction contractor, do not go through the intermediary (the consultants), certainly the above negative.

       Even if the owner of the investment team would like to keep the price confidential, the consultants will do the following: For example, investors have quoted the bidder of 9 billion dong and 9.2 billion dong respectively. VND (the project has a real value of 9.2 billion). The company's backyard consultants have a price of 10 billion. In addition, the consultants have colluded very well with their backyard company to make 10 discount letters with the red seal (they are stored in the bag). These discounts decreased by 0.5% to 10%, respectively, down 50 million, down 100 million, down 200 million, down 300 million, down 400 million, down 500 million, down 600 million, down 700 million, down 800 million, down 900 million. When the consultants open quotation results, the opening bid of two contractors of the investor himself is valued at 9 billion and 9.2 billion. Then the consultants know the price of the company's backyard is 10 billion, their market told them to take a discount letter 900 million VND sandwiched into the quotation of the company backyard.They told the owner that the price of the backyard company was down from 10 billion to 10 billion (9 billion) and 9 billion billion (between 9 billion and 9.2 billion). Of course, the investors are not professional, blindly trust the consultants, so the consultants say that the backyard company will be better, better techniques and defame the other two companies. Eventually the owner chooses the backyard company of the consultants (so we finished the dark plot).The consultants will receive 10% of the contract value from the backyard company and of course they have to protect their company during the construction process with bad quality (10% common). In the end, you get poorer quality than contractors that you invite yourself and choose yourself (because the building was eaten by tenants). Right before and during the selection of contractors, the consultants have been fraudulent, in the course of the process of construction quality also.

     In the case of two contractors, the investors have the price of 9.3 billion dong and 9.5 billion dong respectively. The company's backyard consultants have a price of 10 billion. The consultants took a 600 million dong discount on the company's back yard quote. They told the owner that the price of the backyard company would decrease from 10 billion dong to 10 billion dong (9.4 billion dong) and 9.5 billion dong (between 9.3 billion dong and 9.5 billion dong).

       Therefore, Quoc Cuong Construction Company Limited recommends that you choose the construction contractor, do not go through the intermediary (the consultants), certainly the above negative.    

   To know the contractor well, experience, .. You should directly consult the contractor, see the license from which year, see the works they have been doing, ask the landlord before personality and product of the contractor.

  Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co., Ltd, we have well-trained architects and engineers, over twenty years of experience and good heart, skilled workers, experienced workers, construction equipment. modern and complete to complete the works with the best quality, the most aesthetic for your work. Please come to Quoc Cuong Company to receive good service with the best quality, reasonable price.

Step 5: The procedures for preparing the groundbreaking ceremony

- According to our grandparents, building a house is one of the most important things of a human life. For those who live in the new building to be healthy, have all good luck, when doing the house must necessarily comply with some feng shui rituals, choose good days (zodiac, To avoid the bad day (Black Day, Assassinate, Earthbase, Trung Tang, Hung su .....) and to choose the time of the Zodiac to groundbreaking ceremony ( worshiping God of the land) to apply for a house on the land.

- First, you need to see the age of the landlord. The owner of the building age can help the construction process is favorable, nice, the house put into sustainable use. You can refer to the tool calculating the age of the host based on three factors Kim long, royal and three ears.

- However, if the age of the homeowner is not suitable for construction in the current year, but the need for accommodation is urgent, it may be possible to proceed with the loan procedure. First find the right person with the same tools, if the should be the elderly, longevity, abundant happiness, grandchildren, then proceed to borrow the age. However, it is important to keep in mind that the age of the house is a psychological measure, and good and bad things will happen to the landlord, not the borrowed age that occurs to the other. In addition, the time of commencement also depends on the weather and the parcel (time, day, month of construction). If you choose a nice day, the impact can be much reduced. The homeowner can also ask a family member or friend (who is not in the middle of the year to act on behalf of this important moment such as nail clipping, pouring the ceiling ...).

- After a reasonable start time, a groundbreaking ceremony is needed. During the ground-breaking ceremony, the three-day sacrifice ceremony is more simple, but it must be chicken, sticky rice, incense, fruit, yellow ... After the ceremony, First, submitted to the gods will be groundbreaking, followed by, new for the dig. Before vows to light incense stick four directions, eight directions and then turn to the wedding banquet.

Step 6: Prepare the ground, make foundation

- From step 6, the work will be the responsibility of the construction contractor, the owner will not need to worry much, but also need to know the key stages to be able to control the work, quality and time of construction.

- Site preparation includes cleaning, clearing the ground, clearing old buildings and structures, and disposing of waste. After preparing the ground, the team of workers began to work as a foundation. Background work includes excavation, groundwater extraction, overfilling, beeching, reinforcement (if needed). The current reinforcement of the two main forms is the piling of Melaleuca or pile reinforced concrete. Melaleuca forests are 3m - 5m in length, pressed down to the ground with a density of about 25 plants / m2. The purpose of the melaleuca piling is to compact the ground at the foot of the building, increasing the strength of the foundation, creating a spike for the foundation of the house.

- For land plots on reservoirs, in order to ensure safety, reinforced concrete piles should be drilled. Reinforced concrete piles for common houses are of 250x250 or 300x300 cross section, each section is 3m-9m in length, consisting of a trunk section and a pile section. These concrete piles are usually poured, transported to the site by truck, then crushed and crushed to the ground. There are two types of pile presses are the press machine and the loading press.Lining of low load (about 20 - 40 tons / pile head), suitable for small-sized works, high load loading (over 40 tons / pile head), suitable to the works Larger tissue. At present, we also use 300mm, 400mm, 500mm diameter centrifugal piles. Note that presses usually use three-phase power, so the landlord should note the power source prepared for the contractor. When piling concrete, the landlord needs to clarify with the contractor the parameters of piles such as concrete, steel type ... because the piles are prefabricated so easily cheated to target axis profit. When transporting the piles to the work site, the landlord should conduct field inspections of the quality of concrete and steel in a random manner to prevent unproductive piles from affecting the quality of the building. set up. When the pile is pressed to the ground, due to geological uneven ground, there should be a deep pile, the place to be shallow, so two situations are negative pressure and positive pressure. Price should be clarified with the contractor in each negative or positive pressure situation.Landlords also need to force the contractor to follow the standards specified in the foundation design dossier provided by the construction consultant, such as type of pile, pile position, number of piles, ... 

- A note about concrete pile presses in particular and nail work in general is that drilling operations into the ground are very easy to influence for adjacent land and buildings. It is recommended that the direction of piles be pressed in such a way that the compressed soil will not push toward any buildings or structures. Specifically, the landlord should consult with a professional.

- House foundation work is done after reinforcement of the ground. Current foundation is usually nails, nails or pile foundation. In the case of concrete pile presses, pouring of the nails to link the pile heads, the nail stations bonded together into a solid frame through the nails. Manicuring includes the following jobs: woven steel, formwork, pouring and compacting concrete, pouring concrete, formwork, foundation walls. This is the work of the contractor, however the landlord should coordinate with the supervision of the work, monitor and instruct the technician to follow the technical drawing.

Step 7: Build the frame

- The end of the foundation is also the time when construction of the frame is commenced. The frame is understood to include the entire frame structure of reinforced concrete and the system of walls, dividing walls of the house. Today, even though construction technology has gone a long way, new materials have come out, but concrete, reinforced concrete and brick are still the most important building materials.

A system of house frames always consists of five main components: the house pole (for transmission to the ground), the house beam (or momentum, used to connect and transfer power to the top of the column), floor plate (or plate, pillars on the beams, the support of objects in the home), walls (including walls and dividing walls, built of bricks), and stairs, which connect the floors of the house.

- The construction of the frame as well as nail including the main tasks are: woven steel, grafting, concrete pouring and compacting, waiting for concrete, agglomerate, wall construction. This work is not simple but not complicated, just note the following key points:

- The production of steel must comply with the design of the structure, the correct type and length of steel components. When knitting need to note to avoid stepping on the steel to offset the steel to reduce the bearing capacity. There should be steel bridges placed on the structure when pouring concrete to avoid striking steel strands.

- The formwork should be assembled in accordance with construction standards, the formwork wood is not selected too poor quality wood, can be broken during the concrete pouring process. Connect the formwork tightly and neatly. The iron scaffold system must be good, ensuring the strength of the entire material, equipment and workers during the construction process.

- The concrete pouring can be done manually using a concrete mixer, which can also be made by using concrete mixers and concrete pumping pumps. The mixing ratio should be the correct ratio between the aggregate and the binder, so that the concrete mixture meets the standards. When the concrete should be noted, it should not be missed anywhere.

- The removal of formwork should be noted so that the aggregate time of concrete must be sufficient. If using accelerator additive, it should be more than 07 days of concrete to reach the intensity and can be removed. Should not be urgently due to the progress of withdrawal form early, causing many accidents collapse concrete.

- The construction of the wall to note how to build straight, uniform circuit, not the same circuit. During the construction process, it is necessary to continuously check the straightness of the slab. The mortar should be mixed properly, ensuring the adhesion and waterproofing through.

Step 8: Finishing stage

- Finishing the frame (raw), is considered to have traveled 70% of the journey. Next is the finishing phase, although gentle but requires more technical aesthetics.

- Finishing stage includes the following steps: wall, floor, tile, wall paint, electrical system installation, water supply, telephone, lightning protection. However, the following points should be noted:

- Plastering and flooring works: It is necessary to mix mortar according to the ratio prescribed in the technical design dossier. Walls, ceilings, floors are exposed to water, humid air such as an outside wall, sanitary wall, kitchen, small home, floor 1, ... may need to be mixed into a mortar. certain waterproofing mixtures. Once plastered, the grout should be finished straight. Homeowners must check the flatness as well as mortar quality before commencing paint work.

- The tiles must comply with the standards prescribed by the manufacturer. Brick bricks are uniform, the bricks straight, not shuffled, tilt.

Painting is a simple task, but not everyone can do it perfectly. There are many types and brands of decorative paint on the market. In terms of their solubility, they can be divided into two types: water based paints and oil based paints. Water-based paints are more commonly used with good utility and are not harmful for health and the environment. The paint film allows a certain amount of moisture inside the wall to escape without causing blistering.Meanwhile, oil paints are mainly used for wood and metal surfaces. In terms of functional use divided into two types: indoor paint has the ability of cleaning, cleaning, surface smooth and painted outdoor features anti-moss mold, dust, waterproof and durable. The paint system consists of three layers: the mastic layer to smooth the surface to be painted, It should be noted that good wall adhesives have high adhesion because the quality of paint will depend a lot on this layer. Second, the primer helps to prevent the alkali in the wall from escaping the paint film, and finally the protective coatings that provide protection and decoration.

- Electrical, water and technical systems installation: It is necessary to comply with the technical drawings and system of construction standards of Vietnam.Attention should be paid to the durability and safety of these systems, such as the need for a safety circuit breaker, the waiting lines for the later generators, the slope of the drainage pipes must be sufficient. standard, lightning protection system, the line to go in the protection tube to prevent damp electricity, ...

Step 9: Production, installation of furniture

- The stage of furniture production can actually start at the start of construction, if the homeowner carries out the interior design together with the design of the home. Thus, when the construction is completed, the interior can also be finished production to install. If this stage is to begin the interior design, the waiting time may be long. For natural furniture such as door sections, stairs, kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, bed cabinets must have a certain time to impregnate, dry the wooden components, ensuring the most durable furniture. regulations. For industrial wood furniture, the waiting time will be faster due to not having to undergo impregnation, drying but wait time is also no less.

- At present, natural wood is used mainly as Cam Pha, Huong, Red, Lim, Xoan, Ho Used for wall cabinets, TV racks. Generally depending on the needs and preferences as well as the cost of the customer that can choose natural wood or industrial wood or a combination of both types of wood.

- Furniture you can buy outside the market in the showroom furniture. However, the furniture available in the showroom is usually the dining table, bed, sofa. Other equipment such as wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, bookcases ... are often difficult to buy, because they do not fit the size of the room, the size of the wall. Therefore, in order to be suitable for these items should be machined in place.

- In addition to the furniture mentioned above, the furniture also has small scenes, wooden floors, decorative walls ... These work needs to be precise, meticulously elaborate each line and will affect to the home aesthetic. Therefore, customers should carefully consider before ordering.

Step 10: Use and maintenance issues during use  

   Completing a project, cleaning furniture to use is not the end of everything. A construction site, as well as a machine, which is operated for a long time, must be maintained, maintained, repaired, otherwise damaged. There are many possible problems for the works, which to fix is not straightforward. We have to understand the phenomenon - the cause of the breakdown and from which to propose the most effective remedy. However, if the project is well-executed by a well-qualified contractor, it will be of good quality and therefore, the maintenance and repair will be better and healthier. The customer misses the wrong bidder, the quality of the work is poor and warranty, maintenance as arduous and complicated, and sometimes repair money is more expensive than the new construction.

*** End of the problem :

    The issues we have discussed above are just a summary of the process of building a project. In fact, there will be many problems that need to be solved. I just hope the problems mentioned above will help some customers in solving these difficulties. For peace of mind than for construction work, call for us to be the most direct support  (39782004 - 39782759, Hotline: 0988.55.88.79, 0903831312 ) or email address: qc  @ quoccuong.com .vn  . If you need further advice, directly on each issue, come to us. Quoc Cuong Construction Trade Co., Ltd will work with you to make feng shui, beautiful and durable works - works of the century.

    When you finish a nice villa or a nice house, you should not host a New Year's party. Because before the construction of the home, you have chosen the good day, how much elite, fortune has converged on beautiful villas, beautiful houses. If you host the New Year party, the attendees will bring their fortune, blessings. After finishing the beautiful villa, beautiful house at least 3 months, you can organize a party that invited her children, friends. 

     Finally, we wish you luck and prosperity in the construction work for yourself, a job is not simple!

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