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Location of 4 directions in feng shui


Location of 4 directions in feng shui

Building houses always pay attention to the direction  
Since ancient times, people have been very interested in the power of direction. It consists of 4 main directions: the north (cold wind) which is reign of water (Thuy), south (warm sunshine) symbol of fire (fire), east (sunrise) symbol of wood ( Carpentry), West (Sunset) symbol of metal (Kim). Earth (Earth) occupies the central position surrounded by these directions. 

North of the

North symbolizes the negative part of its objects and networks, which are Water. 
Bac Dau Star is the focal point, occupying a central position and a respectable throne in the night sky.

In feng shui art, any kind of door opened at home in the North is unpopular. Frosty, snow covered in winter are reasons for people not to make houses in this direction. 
With a house built to the north, people will build strong walls outside the house to protect the direction of doors going into a room or bedroom, which is acceptable and doors, windows are all south to catch the warm sun of the South and neutralize the cold wind blowing from the North. 
Because the light of the night sky is better north, we should direct them to a sloping roof or into a corner. Those who want to add a warm look to the north wall, inside the house can decorate an orange-red or other warm color, or decorate other things on the wall to neutralize the position. This cold. 
A fireplace near the north wall is also very good.


According to feng shui, the south symbolizes positive, summer, warm and warm sunshine, the network of this direction is Martian. In both internal and external feng shui, the south is the best and the healthiest. 
According to Chinese legends, temples and important construction structures face south.


East is the symbol of Spring, symbolizing the Dragon (typical for men), its core is Carpentry, correlating with fire but engraved with earth and metal.

For feng shui, a solid wall or a screen covering the table or chair placed in a special position and viewed as a repulsive force for bad elements. 
With foreign feng shui, if there is a mountain or small hill meandering in front of the house is very good and even better if there is a stream of water or ditch flowing in the East to nourish this area. And so the land in the east of the house needs to be slightly higher than that of the west. 
A painting or a dragon-shaped sculpture hanging on the east wall in the house will help the homeowner overcome bad scenes such as: column of smoke, a large object with sharp edges, a dead tree ...


This is the place where the White Tiger reigns (tiger), with the core being Kim. 
This direction represents Fall and correlates with water, but carved with wood and fire. Water represents sound and is therefore fertile, prosperous, rich and growing. 
Objects related to water such as rivers, lakes, ponds, fish tank water, plants growing in the water, flowerpots with water ... are beneficial for the West.

In modern feng shui practice, the water is located on the west side of the room meaning money and wealth. This direction represents abundance, love and dreaming, because water nurtures events and relationships. So, the western wall, or the corner of the room in the northwest of a bedroom, is a good place to decorate water-related objects. 
In pagodas, churches, altars and shrines, people often arrange to face to the west (western bliss).