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Feng shui for beautiful villas and beautiful houses

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Feng shui for beautiful villas and beautiful
villas are different from other types of houses due to natural properties. The beautiful villas have separate landscapes, cool air makes people living in it feel more close to nature.

Therefore, when you choose a villa, you need to understand the relationship between terrain and environment, the combination of landscape and beautiful villa architecture. Choosing the terrain of the land is very important in the construction of the villa.

Scientists often derive the following essential elements to choose land:

The earth must be flat

You should choose a flat ground to build the villa because if you build a house on a tilted land, people will live in a nice villa.

From a scientific perspective, a beautiful villa built on flat land will have good bearing capacity and the construction will have a longer life. But if you have to build a villa on sloping land, you need to pay special attention to the surrounding environment when choosing.

If the main door of the beautiful house, beautiful villa facing the steep cliff, then it is not a suitable accommodation. In feng shui school, it is most appropriate when you build a house with the back leaning against the mountain. It symbolizes your career and your family has a solid foundation, which is very beneficial for the development of the career of the beautiful homeowners, beautiful houses.

Absolutely not design villas, build villas, build houses with backs to the deep. Because it will adversely affect your career, the health of your family, your career will waver and weaken quickly.

The land in front of the beautiful house, the beautiful spacious villa, the water source, the feng shui is called the "pre-emptive road". This is considered an ideal place to build houses and villas.

The house must be in the right direction

That is the direction: it is the North and the South itself, the North West - Southeast, the Northeast - Southwest. In fact, there are only 4 directions, but there are 8 directions in reality. Specifically: Located in the East of the West, lying in the West of the East Dynasty, lying in the North West of the South East Dynasty and lying in the Southeast of the North-West, lying in the North-East of the South-West, lying in the Southwest of the North-Eastern Dynasty, located in the North of the North Dynasty and lying North of the South Dynasty .

But if you consider the meaning in detail, there is no direction in the direction of the North and South itself because the earth itself is constantly circulating.

In the south, so that the land is bare and the wind in the south is very good (the wind in the south is not lying yet).

When designing villas, building beautiful villas, building houses should leave a little vacant land in the south, this will be very good for homeowners. Even if the land is not available or using flower gardening, it will bring good things to everyone in the house. If the south side of the house faces a flower garden, the better. It will create a relaxed, airy space to rest for your home.

Should not choose the place where "the organ of gas"

When choosing a land for a villa, it is best to look around. If your first feeling about the land is where the wind is light, this is where the land is good to live.

If you build a house near a windy place, according to feng shui, the gas will be blown away by the wind. So where the wind is too big you should not choose to build a house. Notice how strong and strong the wind direction is because even if the land has so much gas, if the wind blows continuously, the air will dissipate. But if the wind is too warm, it is not a good place to live because then the air will be less circulation ....

The ground must be solid

Sand soil is considered a good ground because it is relatively solid, building houses is not afraid of subsidence. Another advantage of this soil is its relative dryness, which is beneficial for the development of beneficial bacteria and can clean up the soil by itself.

Groundwater must be at least 0.5m from the foundation, so it can prevent cold air and subsidence, and also to prevent polluted water.

Also, do not build houses on triangular land. In fact, the construction of land on triangular land is neither economical nor beautiful, the rate of land use is not high compared to building houses on rectangular or square land. The remaining corners of triangular land are difficult to use for other reasons.

In addition, the corners of triangular land under the concept symbolize the risk of vehicle accidents for people living on that land.

Soil must be clean

For low-rise villas, it is a matter of concern whether the soil is clean or not. If this land used to be a lake or a small river, then after construction, the underground gas will fly up a lot. If you build a house on land that used to be a hospital or a church, a shrine ... will make the people on the land always in a low mood.

Land must be planted with many trees

Nowadays, as the urbanization rate is getting faster and faster, the land fund for tree and flower growing also decreases significantly. For the villas built in the prosperous cities even though the architectural landscape is relatively beautiful, people still are not satisfied because the space for trees is too little.

Therefore, if you choose to build a villa, you should also pay attention to the land for trees in your villa area. Trees are a belt to prevent toxic gases, keep fresh air, along with the water surface to regulate microclimate for your residence. Not only that, but looking at many green trees around the villa will bring you relaxation and escape after the pressure of everyday life.


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